Baggage Rates to Australia

To agents warehouse in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or Freemantle:

Quantity Capacity Rate
1 Standard Carton 4 cuft £113
2 Standard Cartons 8 cuft £121
3 Standard Cartons 12 cuft £148
4 Standard Cartons 16 cuft £158
5 Standard Cartons 20 cuft £171

A standard carton is 18″x18″x20″ but you can use your own boxes, bags, rucksacks or suitcases to make up the total volume.

At destination you will be able to pick up the items from our agents warehouse. A door to door service is available upon request. Please note these rates do not include any local duties, tax or quarantine charges. Baggage rates are all based on one man carries of pre packed personal effects.

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