Pre Move Survey

If you are moving house in the UK, in Yorkshire, or moving abroad, our pre-move surveyor will visit your home and produce a comprehensive pre-move survey so that we can advise you of the most appropriate personal moving plan for you. You can thus have the peace of mind that the removal process will be as stress-free as possible.

Tailor-Made Moving Plan

We will create a bespoke moving plan, which will include precise details of what is to be moved and any special equipment to move large or unusual items. Our plan will cover every aspect of your move, even those items hidden away in lofts and basements or garages.

Our highly experienced surveyors will assess the type of removal vehicle which is best suited to your needs, taking into account exactly what you’re moving and the available access for both loading and unloading. This level of detailed planning means that you are able to budget for your move with absolute confidence.

An accurate appraisal of your move is vital to Britannia Willis providing you with a successful and efficient move.

What next?

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