Storing Special Items

Our storage warehouses have special facilities to handle any items that cannot be stored in containers. Carpets, ladders, motorcycles, all receive individual attention and care.

Sofa Storage

We offer purpose made suite racks to ensure your sofas are stored correctly, avoiding the risk of ‘crush’ or ‘pressure’ marks which can be caused when such items are stacked or upended within more basic facilities.

Piano Storage

We have a purpose built temperature controlled room for the storage of upright & grande pianos.  Our fully trained removal crew are very experienced at removing pianos.

Pallet / Warehouse Storage

We also offer traditional warehouse style storage and space for pallets which can be kept accessible if you need ongoing access. Forklift handling facilities are also available

Unfortunately, no plants, food or animals can be sent for storage. We cannot store precious items such as jewellery, deeds or money for you; nor can we store hazardous goods like paint, aerosols or gas bottles.

If you are in any doubt, our expert staff will be able to advise you on items which are unsuitable for storage.

What next?

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